how to get rid of these weeds

supaflyzMarch 31, 2010

Hey guys is there any product that can get rid of these weeds for good? We attempted to get rid of them by using a shovel and digging them up but there is this one type of grass that have this thick really white root that manages to spread really deep down. It looks perfect for a few months then it regrows later on. My mom is trying to get rid of all the grass and put new soil and fertilizer in with mulch to plant some perennials. We wanted to build a retaining wall and keep the grass out as well. The dirt is kind of compacted because it was dug up and put right there when my mom hired someone to put in a concrete patio for the yard.

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The best way I have found it to cut the weeds as short as possible, lay down cardboard spray with a little water and then cover with mulch. CB is a great weedblock and organic.4-5 layers of Newspapers also work for a area that is not badly infected.. I have used the CB on areas that have the grass you are talking about there are little bulbs on the root of the grass which keeps you from being able to pull it up it wil just continue to grow back so you have to smother it with the cardboard and mulch.
Good Luck

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The last one is an annual so will reseed. It can be pulled but should be pulled before it starts flowering. Of course the seed pods have a hot spicy taste like all mustards. Can be added to salads.

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