What is this plant/weed growing in winter?

rikkyMarch 9, 2008

had a new lawn planted last september and the grass came up great. starting around early february these plants or weeds or whatever they are started sprouting up all over my lawn. i'm not sure if its a broadleaf weed or something in the ivy family but i've been to 2 garden centers and no one knows what it is. any ideas here and how to treat it its taking over my lawn worse than crabgrass! thanks.



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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

I'm not sure of the ID....kinda looks familiar, tho.

Here is a link that might be useful: Unknown weed

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Looks to me like Marsh Marigold. I have some growing here and there in my yard and they make a beautiful early spring flower display. Leave them in and see if they bloom. As delicate as they look, they are actually quite hardy and vigorous, although I wouldn't say invasive. They will spread slowly, but I think if I wanted to get rid of them, it would be easy.


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it's called 'false celadine' 'marsh buttercup' around here... and it's pretty, but really, really invasive, designated a noxious weed around PA, and is threatening the native population of mandrake, and several of the rarer wet-footed wildflowers in the region.

in your lawn? that's a tough one, since the 'cures' are aggressively digging them up, then digging up the shoots...and smothering them under newsprint mulch, which would not work in a lawn.

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