Squirrel proof tube bird feeder

shw104(7)January 21, 2007

Need a recommendation for a good Squirrel-proof tube type bird feeder. I have a smaller tube feeder that keeps the squirrels at bay by the size of the discharge holes but it is really sized for small birds (finches).

Would like a feeder to feed the larger birds and using larger (sunflower) seeds.

Have seen a lot of feeders on the market but don't have any first hand experience with them. The cage type would seem to limit the accessibility of the larger birds and the spring type seem to have problems with their springs failing and rust (reading reviews).

Does anyone have any suggestions or feeders that they can recommend?

Thank you!!

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The trick is to be sure it's far enough off the ground and far enough away from anything the little critters can climb up on to jump to the feeder. I have a three-tube feeder (don't remember the name) with a squirrel baffle on the pole that has worked for years. It's amusing to watch them try to climb up the pole and slide back down when they reach the baffle.

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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

In my experience, squirrels can defeat most feeders. The tube feeders you mention work sometimes until the squirrel finds a place where his teeth can reach some small portion of the plastic. Even the metal pole mounted box feeders guaranteed squirrel proof are not. I've seen my squirrels sit on the top and hang over the edge to pick seeds from the tray without tripping the weighted perch. The baffles that mount above the hanging feeders are only temporarily effective. Post mounted feeders set away (11-feet) from anything are the most effective. The post baffle needs to be 5.5-feet high and the feeder cannot hang lower than 5.5-feet.

My dad uses safflower seed and hangs his feeders high on a post with a big baffle. This works most of the time for him. He gets doves and cardinals mostly with the safflower. The big birds can sit on his seed savers. I use a metal post with a baffle and (fingers crossed) so far it works fine. I even have a platform feeder hanging on mine. BUT, I have a crazy border collie running amuck thru the yard keeping the squirrels treed. Good luck, those little devils really take a lot of fun out of bird feeding.

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maden_theshade(8 - Austin)

I have one of the cage type feeders. The smaller birds have no problem hopping inside. The larger birds (jays and even woodpeckers) I see clinging to the cage and poking their head inside to get seed. The only birds who can't feed there are the doves. They will hang out and wait for dropped seed on the ground.

I will say that when the squirrels get really hungry, I will see them hanging upside down by their hind legs so they can stick their little arms into the cage and try to shovel food into their mouth! And my husband swears that once he caught a squirrel totally inside the feeder. (I guess the top was loose that day.) But truly, there are easier handouts available so they don't bother this feeder too much. Maybe twice a month at most. They never clean it out like the more accessible feeders.

The one I have I found at Petsmart on sale. It's cylindrical w/ a solid tray at the bottom to catch dropped seed, with a small drain hole for rain. All the plastic parts are completely inside the metal frame.

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terryr(z5a IL)

If you have your feeder on a pole, not a post, with a baffle, and far from any trees or shrubs or anything that they can jump from, you don't need to buy the feeder shown above for $69.99. I have squirrels like nobody's business and they do not get into any of my bird feeders. They can't get past the baffle trying to climb up the pole and there's nothing for them to jump from to get to the top, or above the baffle. It's all in putting your feeders up properly.

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Bought a squirrel proof bird feeder last year. Caught a squirrel today doing exactly what bean counter describes, hanging off the top to defeat the weight cover.
I've moved it temporarily and inelegantly to hang off the (unused) gas lamp which has a slick-painted pole. So far, so good.

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I use an old plastic hanging plant container; cut it up one side; turn it upside down; attach it to the feeder with some twine. The squirrels look up at the plastic pot, and don't know what to do.

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