Bermuda nightmare:(

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)March 27, 2012

OK..I have a bed/island,about 1+foot tall over groud level with rich loamy well drained soil that got "infected" with this horrible weed called bermuda "grass"I don't want to apply herbicide because it has a couple of trees(one of them is a jap.maple),couple of artichokes,daylilly ,daffodils and alliums bulbs and don't want to harm them?last season I just kept on pulling and pulling until my back hurt,now it just starting to "wake up":( wondering if there is any other solution besides the pulling method to get rid of it,I have read several posts of how to get rid of it when is in the lawn...any ideas welcome!

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

There are grass herbicides that should work and won't hurt the plants you mention if they get accidental exposure, but it may take several applications over time. I think Ortho Grass-B-Gone is one. Otherwise, can you put down plastic or cardboard or landscaping fabric, leaving only the plants you want to keep uncovered, and cover with an attractive mulch. You will then have to hand weed close to the plants, but the solid mulch will keep the bermuda from showing up elsewhere.

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Great! I like the cardboar idea,I guess it needs to be wet to make it work...Thank you beeone I apreciate the help:)

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wynswrld98(z7 WA)

Is it only recently in the planter (e.g., over last year)? or do you know how long it has been there. Roots of bermuda grass can go 1-2 feet deep if established. I did a war with bermuda grass including moving a foot of soil, several rounds of Round Up, thought I won and it came back. This seems to be the experience of many who try and fight it, it is very nasty stuff and IMO shouldn't be legal to sell.

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wynswr1d98:D It was there last year just not as much now is invading the whole bed...

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