Bear Cam - Ely, MN

woodlandgal(4)January 11, 2010

A video camera has been set up in a bear den near Ely, MN to hopefully show the birth of cubs in mid-January from resident Lily, a 3-year-old Black Bear.

The camera will transmit in color by day and infrared images by night. A motion sensor will trigger video and sound transmission if there is activity. Otherwise still pics will be sent.

To see this cam go to

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I Pat, I saw that on the Today Show one morning last week and also think I heard about it on our local tv news. Btw, this is my first time posting here! lol! I'll have to follow that bear cam thing, too. Glad you posted that.

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How nice, looks like she has cubs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bear cam

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What you first see when the camera comes up isn't her. Wait a bit and you can see her breathing. Yesterday she was facing the camera and licking herself, then turned over.

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I saw what seemed like a small ear moving yesterday, I guess it was hers. Now she has a spider crawling on her! That "winter lethargy" of bears must be nice.

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terrene(5b MA)

It's amazing to see the bear sleeping in her den. I would love to hi-bear-nate the winter away!

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Lily had a single cub last night after several days of restlessness and hard labor yesterday. Now she has settled down to normal hibernation.
The cub can't been seen right now as she is keeping it warm under her.

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