Squirrel with mange?

ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)January 26, 2007

This poor guy was at the sunflower feeder . I've never seen this in squirrels but it looks like mange. Anybody have any ideas?

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Yes, it looks like sarcoptic mange to me but I'm no expert. If it is, everything I read cautions against feeding because the mite will be spread so easily that way.

You could try showing the picture to your vet and asking for an opinion or advice.

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MaryInSpokane(z6 Spokane)

I don't know if I would withhold food as he could have been seriously injured by a cat or dog. I would definitely get a vet's advice.

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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

Mage or possibly rodent mites, as you can see mites would prefer to burrow in the skin and bite where the squirrel can't reach ie. behind the head/ears and at the rump where he can't reach to bite or scratch. Sarcoptic mange might not be so particular as to where it is located as you see in this picture. I would give hiim some extra TLC in the form of protein treats...peanuts, peanutbutter suet and even bits of meat hidden/mulched into the suet. Most animals can tolerate 'some' mites but when they become so badly infested like this it causes anaemia and the aniamal may die. So a high protein, high fat diet may be his only salvation unless someone can trap and treat him. The warmer winter weather may be the culprit if it is indeed mites.


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I do not know if it will help your squirrel but if you have an old paint brush dip it or sprinkle it with one of the mite dusts and wire where the squirrel can brush against it. If the squirrel is smart enough it might help. or put the dust is a shallow pan for dust bathing. As bad looking as this baby is almost anything you do to try and help him is good.

Since the mites are inside his skin dusting may make him itch even more but he is miserable.

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Check the sex. I have a couple half naked squirrels here. Females pull out their hair to line their nests after giving birth.

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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

Send your picture to your local "Extension Office" and ask if anyone there knows what it may be. I'd be interested to know.

Hard to tell from the photo but as a rodent person, I think this might be a fell'er rather than a female, but can't be sure.


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ksfarmer(z5/Ks NC Kansas)

The dilemma of the "mangy squirrel" has been resolved for now. The neighbors dog got him. Now, maybe the dog should be watched for mange, :>) . It was a male squirrel. So far, all the others in the neighborhood seem to be healthy, but, I will be watching for signs of others. I think sarcopic mange is easily spread, so there may be more problems if that is what it was. Thanks for all the advice.

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

If what I am seeing there beneath the tail in your photo are testicles, which it looks like to me, then this fellow reminds me of one poor guy that I saw a time or two in the back yard this summer. I am aware that the testicles in adult males will enlarge or shrink depending on the breeding season, but this particular squirrel HAD to be in a world of inconvenience. I am guessing there was something wrong of course; he could not sit like a normal squirrel at all, but had to kind of rest off on one haunch or another any time he was upright on his back legs to eat. When he attempted to climb a tree the dang things kept getting in the way and obviously slowed him down a bit.Must have been like dragging a beanbag chair up the tree behind him. They were absolutely not normal, and yes, I actually HAVE seen a lot of squirrel testes in my time. I am no good with a camera but the two times I watched him in the yard up close I wish I had had one handy to get a shot or two.
I know conditions like that occur in humans, such as ahydrocele. I wonder if this happens in other species as well.

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Here's a forum I sometimes visit run by a woman who is an experienced wildlife rehabilitator. Should you see any more squirrels with that problem she could probably help.


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