Help Identify Weed Please

xendromeMarch 20, 2010

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The weed has a white flower with 5 petals in a v notch in them. It also has 4 main leaves. The seed pods are are small, but have sticky stems.

This is in the Central Florida area. They seem to grow in direct sunlight or shade, and I am trying to find out what they are so I can treat/get rid of them

Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Compare with Stellaria media.

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That is the infamous chickweed! It grows any and everywhere. It even grows in the winter up here in the north and my chickweed seems to have grown underneath the four feet of snow we got this winter.

Chickweed spreads through seed as well as it will propogate from any little bits of leaf or roots that are left behind after pulling it.

The best way to get rid of it, is to smother it so that it can't get any sunlight.

What I did for my chickweed situation, was a little bit of everything! I pulled my chickweed, sprayed everything that might be left behind with roundup, I put down Preen Mulched heavily and more preen on top. As more appears I will pull it.

I plan to pulling the weeds and putting down plenty of preen before the chickweed goes to seed in the fall. I'm sure that by next year I will see a significant reduction in chickweed.

I'm also composting the chickweed that I pull since it is very high in nutrients, and its edible too. If you're able to smother it with newspaper, weed cloth, or somthing of that sort the chickweed will decompose and put the nutrients back into your soil that it depleted.

I'm planning on using weed and feed on my lawn so that any chickweed in the lawn will not spread to my beds.

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