trip digits

junktruckJune 26, 2012

looks like triple digit heat inching this way / yeah 100+ and no rain /hmmm there goes my water bill again / im just glad my plants are loaded with fruit cause looks like fruit set will drop off / what ya gonna do hehe

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I'm about to spray malathion on my whitefly infestation. My grandparents have been gardening for 80 years and never seen bugs this bad. It's the heat and the drought.

I'm also going to try to keep turning the drip irrigation on just once a week. I'm at four hours right now per weekly watering. That time period will likely get longer. The plants that I tried to water every day look the worst. They won't drive down roots in my clay if they get babied with daily watering. It's not easy to be so neglectful :)

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ya im sticking to once a week deep watering lets keep our fingers crossed

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windclimber(z5 KS,close to KCMO)

Humidity shows 39% here with dew point @ 69%. 100'. probably should have done a lot more blossom thumping yesterday..............So far great set and blossoms on huge healthy plants.......Are yours still in the hoop? might help...?

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i dont hoop / ya its 101.5 here at 3;45 pm / hope it doesnt stick around like last yr

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My watering of tomatoes is usually once every three days, good soaking.

With the temp expected to reach 108F tomorrow (last year we had one 100F day), I may switch to watering moderately every other day.

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ya im so glad im not farther west its way hotter / i just hope i can keep the critters going after the moisture in my maters outa my garden

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I grow in self watering containers so the lack of rain is not an issue. In fact, the month of May was perfect for my plants.

Then here comes June with the above avg. temps.
Reminds me of later on in the season last year.

Conditions are getting right for spider mites. I've only dealt with them 2 times in 8 or 9 years of growing here. Hate 'em. Keep your eyes open folks.

I hope we all get through this heat wave with healthy plants and have more normal temps as the season progresses.

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TWC calling for 105 on Friday and Saturday for me. All-time record high in my neck of the woods is 104. Uncharted territory for me. I watered today and plan to water again Friday and Sunday. Usually I water every 4-7 days depending on weather.

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I gave up on the weekly idea and have turned on the drip tonight after day 5 without water. I'm guessing that in my clay soil, it's the length of watering time that matters. If I turn on the water, I'm going to let it run for at least four hours.

What we are seeing is the worst heat wave since the 1936 Dust Bowl. Good luck to everyone in coping with the heat.

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star_stuff(Greensboro NC 7a)

Yeah, they're calling for 103, then 104, 103, 100 here in North Carolina, with pretty much no chance of rain either. I can't remember when/if I've seen temperatures that high...

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Rob, I'm east of Kc and guess what I found on one of my plants. SPIDER MITES. They didn't find my plants until late july last yr. I sprayed with TAKE DOWN and I'll spray that plant in 3 or 4 days again. Right now its just one plant. I'm hoping to contain those tomato vermin

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Last night's low was 52 (!), and today's high was 93. So my poor tomatoes are guaranteed to drop a few blossoms. We don't often see that combination of daytime highs and nighttime lows; usually the overnight temps are high enough for successful pollination.

The forecast here has been lowered from what it was yesterday, though exactly what they foresee depends whether the prediction is for 6 miles SW of me or 2 miles NE of me.... If we're lucky, we'll entirely escape the 100s that were being predicted for us; if not, probably only one triple-digit day (Saturday).

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I feel for you. Those mites are evil. I'd rather battle aphids, whiteflies or even sandworms.

Hope you can rid that one plant before they spread.

Miss ingto,
Consider yourself very fortunate. Our avg temp for this time of June is 86 and the forecast says we might set a record for today of 107.

I've been out on & off for the last couple of hours erecting a shadecloth umbrella of sorts over the plants. I can only last for about 1/2 hour at a time out there in the sun. I'm getting too old for this crap.

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oh yeah / it was 106.3 this afternoon in my backyard / might forget about watering the maters and turn the hose on myself / hehehe

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