Nutsedge, Quackgrass, or something else?

wasatch123March 15, 2013

Hi. Planted our lawn last summer, and while it did very well, I do have some of this stuff in some patches. I've done a lot of research but just can't tell what the heck it is.

it looks very similar to some stuff that came up in my lawn while seeding, which DID die when I hit with a selective herbicide. But no telling if this is the same thing so far.

Thanks for any help!

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Another picture of one I dug up.

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I sent the first pic in to Scotts and they said they think it is crabgrass. These all look the same so it is hard for me to know!

I don't think it's a sedge though because the stem is tubular with a hollow center - it is not triangular like sedge.

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That is not any sedge, but it does look like Crabgrass. Is the growth pattern more prostrate than upright?

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The growth is probably about even, at least how it looks right now. We just lost the last of our snow here in the valley, so I'm confused if it is crabgrass because I thought it was all supposed to die over the winter? Although they are kind of all wilted so maybe that is them dying?

But I'd rather it be crabgrass than something I can't kill with a selective herbicide like quack grass. Any other thoughts? I may take one down to the nursery to see if they can help ID it.

Thanks for any help!

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Crabgrass is a warm weather annual, so if this is growing where there was snow it is not Crabgrass.
Of course having some idea where in the world you are would be of more help. You wil get better advice from the people at your state universities Cooperative Extension Service.
Anything that would kill Quack Grass, Crabbgrass, or any of the sedges, will also kill the more desirable grasses.

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