Propane Weed Torch Used By Anyone?

coopers(z5 OH)March 31, 2006

Does anyone have any personal experience using a propane weed torch and what is your opinion of their effectiveness, especially regarding killing the roots of perennial weeds?

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I used a propane weed torch for the last two years. I am in the same zone you are. My experience has been positive for using it to kill weeds growing between concrete and between pavers. These weeds don't seem to come back and it disintegrates them. I tried to use it in flower beds and on other perennial weeds growing in the soil. I found that it kills the weed but the root is still left in tact and in my case, the weeds kept coming back again and again. Some are even coming back again this year! I had hoped killing the foliage over and over again would stress the weed out and that it would die but unfortunately it did not. The only advantage is that it made the flowerbeds look nice for a short time with little work.

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coopers(z5 OH)


Thank you very much for your response. Our main area of concern for weed killing is in our gravel driveway. It has encroaching grass and dandelions.

We have decided to order a propane weed torch as we do not feel good about the use of chemicals.

We may have the same problem that you had with perennial weeds. Hopefully it will not take a lot of propane.


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WHere can you order this torch?

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coopers(z5 OH)


We ordered ours at Lee Valley Tools.


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