Best Petrochemical for Controlled Brush Burn

roserx(8)March 7, 2009

I have a creeping fig vine along a wall that I have almost killed with a pesticide cocktail, but the raised roots are still a problem. Would kerosine or lighter fluid be the best incendiary product that would not contaminate the soil, when I am ready to plant something else there?

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There is no petroleum product that would not contaminate your soil. The best way to get those roots out of there is to dig them out, a process that will also give you a chance to take a good look at the soil and see what might need to be done to make it into a better soil.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

I must agree with kimmsr that there is no flamable petrochemical product that won't wreck your soil for years. For a controlled burn, try methanol (wood alcohol) - it either burns or evaporates completely from the soil. Any microbial or micorhizae damage is temprorary. STAND BACK or use a long stick with a wick when you light it! It burns very hot. Digging is good, but be sure to get every root.

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Since burning yard waste produces more air pollutants than does a coal fired power plant there is no good reason to burn any kind of yard waste, ever.

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