removed the weeds before reading this forum

wanittoMarch 13, 2014

I pulled all the weeds from a patch of my garden before reading this forum.

I tried to remove the entire root, but a lot of them broke off. So I raked through the patch, removing all I could find.

It now looks good from the top, but with a strong possibility of stuff buried somewhere. (picture)

What should I do? (I want to grow vegetables) .

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Plant your vegetables, at the appropriate time for your area of the world. If started seedlings put down a mulch material to aid in suppressing unwanted plant growth, aid in conserving soil moisture, aid in keeping the soil cooler, and (if the appropriate material is used) add organic matter to the soil. If sowing seeds wait until the plants are up and growing before mulching.
That soil most likely has the seed of many of those "weeds" you removed and those seeds may well germinate so you will need to go back and remove them as they grow, just be careful to not also take out the plants you want.

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Great! Thanks. I'm planning a sort of raised bed for the seedlings, but i've already planted the straight-to-soil seeds amongst the potential weeds.
So I'll mix up some mulch/compost/soil in the raised bed, and wait for the soil-plants to grow before adding mulch. Should I maybe add some compost to the top of the soil-plants?

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