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VisualCSharpMarch 7, 2012

Hi, folks. I'm a new homeowner here in Round Rock, TX facing my first year of lawn management. I've done lots of reading recently that says it's important to identify weeds before treating the problem, which makes complete sense, of course. However, identifying the weeds growing on my lawn has proven almost impossible. I'm hoping you experienced folks will be able to assist me!

Here's a link to a Photobucket album containing high-resolution images of each weed. There are more weeds than these but these are the most common.


A few notes:

- Sod was installed last year near the end of the year

- Weeds seem to like growing near my fenceline and in between strips of sod

- Grass is bermudagrass

- Soil is a very heavy clay that is currently damp or soggy; unfortunately, I don't have any soil specifics because I don't yet have results for a soil test I took recently

I've tried a bunch of weed ID Web sites but have so far been unsuccessful. This includes searching for information based on specific parts of the plant.

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

In #1, the grass going to seed is annual bluegrass, Poa annua. In #3 and #12, quite likely wild lettuce, Lactuca spp. in #8 and #13, some type of thistle (which kill immediately).

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

I agree with Hortster on #1, 3, and 12, partially on 8 and 13. #2, #3, and #12 look like wild lettuce or prickly lettuce. #4 also looks like annual bluegrass. #5, if it were in my area, would probably be barley foxtail (mowed it's fine, let it go to seed and the seed with its awns is nasty-it only goes one direction easily, and that is into your clothes, gloves, socks, skin, fur, etc.). #6 is dandelion. Not familiar with #7. #8 and #13 are annual sowthistle (not an invasive perennial, but seeds easily and a general pain unless you keep it controlled, but keep it mowed or dead to prevent seed production and it will diminish). #9 is another annual grass, probably a millet (any bird feeders in the area?). #10 has two different weeds in it. The one with the larger leaflets looks like a legume, probably a vetch. The smaller, more skeleton like leaves could be tansy mustard, but could easily be something else. #11 I think I have found growing in potting soil I've bought, but don't see it here outdoors and don't recognize it.

These weeds do well starting out in cool weather while your bermuda grass likes it warmer. Since the bermuda is pretty new, it hasn't established well enough or dense enough to crowd out these weeds. Once it gets going, most of these weeds will just disappear if you just keep them mowed and prevent seed production. Depending on how thick the weeds are, keeping them mowed will probably eliminate most of them in a year or two and is probably about all that is necessary, plus you could just pull them out. Alternatively, there are herbicides you can use for the annual grasses without hurting the bermuda, and there are also broadleaf herbicides for lawns that will take care of the broadleaf weeds.

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Wow, thank you folks /so much/ for your replies. I appreciate helping me identify so many weeds!

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