Please help with Identifying these weed

binjie826March 1, 2012


This is my second year of home ownership and weeds has become a problem in our yard. after getting quoted for hunredes $ from lawn service company, I start to wonder if I can take care of this myself. so there are two parts to the question:

1. Can you help to identify these weeds. I don't know how to post images here, but you can visit them here:

2. is it possible for me to get rid of them or I have no choice but pay for the prefessional fees.

3. are there any national brand lawn service companies you will recommend.

Thank you in advance.


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Some of the pictures look like chickweed, but the all look like winter plants, ie. plants that germinate and grow best in cool weather. Most likely you need do nothing since as the growing season progresses they will die and be replaced with your grass.

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