Hay Versus Straw?? Do the Deer FEED on this?

bertman_gw(5B West Conn)January 20, 2011

I live near a leased field and the farmer that rounds up the hay generously give me a couple of bails every year or so. He leaves a bunch for the deer also. However I never seem to see any activity of the deer or much sign that anything is eaten? MY Question: I would like to bring some fresh hay, this year's crop out in the woods away from my property yet still within viewing distance. The winter pretty harsh this year and heavy snow makes for some tuff eating. So If I bring out some hay will they take advantage of it or is it not worth it? More of a locational thing? Also how long before it's uneatable? When does Hay turn to Straw?


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Straw are the stems of feedgrains that are left after the grain is combined. Hay is generally considered to be from plants that are grown for foliage. Hay will not turn to straw. Nutrient value depends on what plants are cut and when. Cut late in season after seeds form more nutrition. Earlier in season more fiber and some vitamins.

Bring out the hay but in most cases because the differences in stomachs between cows and deer, the deer can not digest as well but is better than nothing if the snow is too deep for the deer to reach the forage they normally use.

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