Holly, red bud and such.

larrylwill(7)March 26, 2013

We bought a house that the previous owners planted red bud, holly, juniper and other bushes around the house. Year after year we trimmed them to size, now they have trunks as big as my arm or leg. If left alone they would grow 10ft high. I want them gone. I tried to pull them out when the ground was saturated and kept breaking the cable or the car wheels would slip. So I cut them all off at the base with a chain saw but the red bids are spreading like weeds, little clumps of them. How can I kill these bushes for good. We want to plant some small colorful bushes in front of the house. So I have to dig the roots up?

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Comment on the redbuds and junipers:
The junipers should be dead if you cut them off at the ground. Probably want to remove the stumps by digging - they are usually shallow rooted (but sometimes tenaciously!).
As for the redbuds, I had some two year seedlings of C. reniformis (Oklahoma redbud) that were in the perennial garden and I decided that I didn't need more than the original plant in my yard, so I cut them off at the ground. I did so for a season and a half but they continued to return. Finally, after that long attempt, in the FALL nearing dormancy but still with green foliage I once again cut off the 6" suckers and this time,using a small artists' paint brush, lightly dapped them with a mixture of 50% 3-way broadleaf weed killer and 50% glysophate. Minimal chemical application with terminus of problem. Timing, I believe, was key.

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