Preemergence herbicide for oxalysis?

wynswrld98(z7 WA)March 16, 2008

Does any one have experience using a Preemergence herbicide for oxalysis? I fight oxalysis all the time, it is currently in my red apple ground cover and also in my St. Augustine lawn, am curious if using a preemergence herbicide late winter next year before it sprouts may be a good plan of attack. If anyone has done this please recommend the specific preemergence herbicide you used and where you bought it. Thanks!

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Oxalis is a very large plant family with many very desireable flowering plants and some not so desireable plants that people consider "weeds". Most often that they are growing in some soil is an indication that there is a problem with that soil since the majority of the less desireable members of this family prefer moist, acidic soils. Correct the soil problem and most likely these plants will stop growing there.

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