fighting bindweed with a wheel hoe ??

mohairwigMarch 17, 2014

I have read extensive postings on using roundup , I would like to avoid it
a few years in a row my husband roto tilled with the 4 foot tiller on the tractor and it made the bindweed spread every where .
I have my husbands families ancient planet jr double wheel cultivator ,after 2 years of hand pulling which is helping a bit, I am ready to abandon my wide beds they are a pain with bind weed ( strawberry plants get strangled by this weed ) and it seems to just go under surface mulches and come up on the other side .
. I want to try doing narrow single rows , so I can run up and down with the cultivator tines and pull the runners up
I found a place to get all the extra parts so I am hoping to start as soon as the garden thaws ( spring is running very late here in southern MA )

has any one had luck with this ? I can not seem to find much on using a wheel hoe to deal with really invasive weeds .

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

the key to effective puling is to pull it as soon as you see it.
And every time thereafter.

Even though it will take several years, you will starve the roots.

But if you wait until it grows enough to strangle plants, it has re-built strong roots.

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yes that was my thought if I switch to straight single rows rather than beds I can walk up and down with the cultivator and get to it as it starts and pull up any of these underground roots ( or runners ) they have too much protection in the wide beds found that out last year . I bag them and dispose of as trash so they can not re grow .
I just got the wheel hoe out last fall and got the tines and plow blades ordered too late in the season to really test
I am hoping some folks on the board have one of these cultivators to give me hints to make this work . I got a double set of 3 cultivators so after I have things loose each pass wiill pull up as much as possible

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