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sarcareMarch 14, 2010

I moved into my house last June, and totally tore up the backyard in September and October. This spring I am finding tons of these weeds pop up everywhere. They shot out long green grass like leaves and have no flowers. They do not smell like onions or garlic, and they proliferate, with teeny tiny bulbs as well as big ones. Before we tilled the backyard, I sprayed roundup and tried to pull out what weeds I could. This bulb is invasive, it managed to get through layers of newspaper, through newly laid sod (not just through the cracks, and even lived under cardboard.

Now, I'm pretty sure the only way to deal with this noxious discovery is through hand pulling the bulbs out. But, I'd like to know the name of my nemesis. My dad says it is grape hyacinth, but there are no flowers nor sign of flowers. My googling says Star of Bethlehem is an option, but my dad says he's never heard of it growing in Utah. The main reason for my concern over which it is, is that the Star of Bethlehem is toxic to dogs, and my dogs are always out there, and one likes to eat things she shouldn't.

How can I tell the two apart? How can I get it out of the sod without damaging it? And any ideas on how to get rid of it?

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As you have discovered that glyphosate product is not quite as effective as the ads tell you. To find out what you do have take some samples into the county office of your Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service where they most likely will be able to properly identify what you have and advise you on the best way to control it.

Here is a link that might be useful: USU CES

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