'WorryFree' weed killer a round up alternative?

mintgum(5)April 28, 2009

Has anyone used or heard anything about WorryFree Weed and Grass Killer?

It says it uses d-limonene, a citrus oil related thing... to kill the weeds, which seems to also be an insecticide.

Its OMRI listed, for organic gardens, and can be used around pets and wildlife.

Does it work? Think its any safer than other products? Can you, and when could you, plant after application(it didn't say in the label)? I'm guessing it wouldn't be helpful to any insects... any other environmental issues?

I'm thinking of using it as a one time application to ready some new beds, just so I can get some other plants established.

Any thoughts or insights are appreciated.

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Here is the link to their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: WorryFree Weed and Grass Killer product page

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This is a plant killer and it will kill any plant it contacts, maybe. Some people have had good results using citrus oils while others have not. Just keep in mind that simply because something is made from "natural" materials does not mean it is good. Arsenic is a natural product but no one in their right mind would use it to control any insect.

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True that. I try to avoid chemical use altogether, but I'm a bit daunted by the thought of hand removing years of weed grasses by hand over such a large area... probably just lazy.

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