Squirrel nest (drey) fell out of tree!

April_may_doJanuary 25, 2011

A squirrel nest blew out of a tree in my backyard last night. It's unusually cold, and I'm worried about the squirrels. Today I didn't see them rebuilding using the fallen pieces, and the ground is covered in several inches of snow, so they can't gather new materials to build a new nest. Will they survive without their home in this bitter cold? I feed them and love watching their antics. I put out a bunch of timothy hay. Anyone have any info or suggestions? They are (very funny and cute) gray tree squirrels.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Do you have any snags or hollow trees? I have a Wood Duck nest box and the squirrels love it! If there is no other obvious shelter you could build a box and mount it as high up their tree as you can. They should have enough stored fat to make it through a cold spell especially if you are feeding them well.

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