Sago Palm

mantismanMay 25, 2011

My four mature Sagos froze back this winter. I cut the fronds off this spring and three of them have come back fine.The fourth one has just now put out a set of fronds. It was also the last one to come back last year. The problem is that the fronds are deformed. They are kind of stunted and curly. Can anyone shed some light on this? I don't know if I should cut these off or just leave it alone.

I hope it hasn't been permanently damaged.

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Dont cut them back, theyare supplying food for next year. Engoy the wierd growth next year it will be fine Allen

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

Does this sound like what you are talking about:

A condition called frizzle top is probably the most common problem. This is a manganese deficiency causing the new leaves or upper leaves to turn yellow. This will start as spots and eventually the entire leaf is covered. There is a way to correct this. Spray the leaves with manganese sulfate. Once a month for three months mix one teaspoon of manganese sulfate per gallon of water. You can also apply one to five pounds (gauging with the size of the plant) of manganese to the soil in the springtime to correct or prevent the problem. Along with this recommendation, it is always wise to have a soil pH check and to check the moisture content of the soil. As always, too much water and less than desirable drainage will cause root damage. If that is the case, the sago will be unable to absorb the nutrients.

For more information check out:

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