Legal Nominations at the 2012 Republican Convention (?)

madmagic(dtown Toronto)August 10, 2012

This small chunk of information has my brow furrowed in perplexity.

Quoting from the Nominations section of the Wikipedia article on the 2012 RNC:

"To have a speech formally putting his or her name in nomination, a candidate has to show a plurality of delegates in five delegations as section 40(b) of the rules of the Republican Party adopted by the last convention specifies:[39]

"Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination."

In the section right below that quote, the article states "Only Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum meet this requirement.[40]"

So... it's Romney and Santorum, or Santorum and Romney, as the 2012 Republican Presidential/VP candidates, yes? No?

That is, the convention delegates can't decide to dump both of 'em, then spontaneously nominate Smokey the Bear or Little Red Riding Hood (?) [*]

Wondering if I've got this right,


[*] Neither of these fictional characters was chosen as a reference to any known living, dead, or undead Republican politician. My name is Patrick and I approved this post.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2012 Republican National Convention - Nominations

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Looks like it's Romney and Paul Ryan.

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I dont have time to look this up but from my understanding in the past
Each party has a slightly different system-the way they chose delegates.
some delegates are pledged-they must vote for the candidate chosen by the vote of the people. some are unpledged-slected from various political party enties who can vote for whom ever they like.

I believe but could be wrong that pledged voters are only bound in the first vote-if there is no clear winner-which is possible if the Santorum people for instance can get enough unpleged votes then all bets are off and anyone can be put up or something like that. They change the rules all the time. There is plenty of speculation about this. It is obvious that the GOP doesnt like or want Romney but if they were to pull a Coup who would they replace him with? It would take a serious effort on the part of buried power brokers to make that work but with such a weakly support. I wonder if tht is why Ryan cas chosen-for his party support.

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I understand the same - pledged on first round convention balloting only. After that they can throw their delegates to any candidate they choose.

If Santorum has the 266 pledged delegates some sources say and Gingrich 132 (who knows what Ron Paul has!), they could just release them to Romney... probably by brokering some sort of behind the scenes deals which could include, but are not limited to cabinet posts, Supreme Court nominations, bills they favor...

So really, madmagic, it's going to be Romney/Ryan and not any combination of Romney/Santorum. It would be a real stretch for the loser's delegates to be thrown toward a surprise nomination from the floor.

I think the "new" convention formats are very confusing for someone on the outside looking in - it's like a done deal with nothing left but a few days of flag waving bloviation ending with a balloon and confetti drop. The old format with the rollcall of states and their delegate pledges tallied on a big board was so much easier to grasp.

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madmagic(dtown Toronto)

Thank you for the explanations, I think I understand.

Mostly, I was wondering about how candidates could be nominated for Pres/VP ballots, if they already didn't have the support of five states. But if the state votes are released after the first round of nominations, I see now how things can change.

Thank you!

All the best,

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The issues can come about if Romney hater Newt throws his pledges to Santorum in the interests of being a spoiler. I am not sure if the present rules allow that because that sort of thing in the old days led to a brokered nomination and in todays media oriented run that leads to chaos. I suspect the five state rule was put in place to somehow prevent that sort of thing. With a weak candidate like Romeny all bets would be off. In the past you had to wait for the Convention before you labled someone the candidate unless there was a really strong front runner. Americans like to maintain the illusion that they actually pick the president.

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Newt got in line this evening so I doubt if that's going to happen.

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Ah-so we can wonder what he got in exchange for cooperation-remembering that a brokered nomination makes the nominee look weak. Newt is not above being bought.

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