An awesome accident (pictures included)

ejh805(8b)June 3, 2012

So, when I first moved into my new apartment about 2 months ago, I threw a rotten tomato into a pot with a dying aloe-type plant that my neighbor had set next to my front door. Asked him if it was okay, and he said he didn't care bc the plant was dying anyway and a little bit of extra organic material in the pot wouldn't hurt.

So, now two months later I had totally forgotten all about it until I happened to look at the pot and notice these-

I guess my question is, what should I do with these? I still know next to nothing about gardening and would love for these guys to grow and produce, but I don't want to kill them. They are currently outdoors in shade and the weathers been in the high 80s-low 90s during the day and in the 70s at night. I never water them, and don't think anyone else does (it's a second floor balcony so that would be a little weird haha)

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And yes, that is the old dried withered skin of the tomato that I threw into the pot 2 months ago. For how long will that actually supply nutrients to the tiny sprouts?

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I would carefully take the seedlings out and put them into their own separate containers. This early on I bet you can separate them gently without breaking off any of the roots.

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They will need full sun in large pots, probably water every few days to every day, depending on your weather. Don't just use soil from the ground, you will need to get the bagged potting soil from a nursery or wherever.

Separate them into small pots now, let them grow until they are tall and have several sets of leaves (maybe 6-8"). Then transplant into the big pot. You can google and get more info on how to transplant tomatoes.

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I repotted them and the roots didn't suffer any breakage.

This is the only spare pot I have with good drainage but once they get bigger I'll splurge and buy some large pots for them if they live. They're in a mixture of miracle grow potting soil and perlite. I'll move them out into the full sun with the rest of my container garden within the next few days. I'm wary about this because only maybe 2 have a set of true leaves so far.

These are the other sprouts I found when I tore open the dried tomato skin. They are very undeveloped and I'm guessing they weren't strong enough to break through the skin, so they wont be getting planted.

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YOur seedlings are "leggy" likely because I think you said they were growing in shade. You can cover them up to the first set of leaves with potting mix and they will grow a stronger root system all along the buried stem. Also be careful about full sun, pulling them from all shade. Gradual change is best. Keep us posted on your progress!

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You gotta love those little guys. On a side note that aloe looks fine to me. Probably because it isn't getting overwatered anymore.

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Like suncitylinda said, I wouldn't be too quick to set them in full sun. They've been in shade, are small and might have trouble with hot weather. Let them grow a bit and slowly expose them to the sun. A bit more sun every few days and you should be OK. Same with planting them deeper. Fill the pot until only the leaves show.

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You could have planted those sprouts as well if you wanted too. They prolly would have done fine.

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