Carrion Flower Smilax herbacea

lukifell(zone5 NH)February 23, 2005

I can hardly believe I am the first person ever to post a message about this plant on the Gardenweb site. Does this mean this is a rare plant ?

You can see a neat picture of this plant in the Audubon Society book of wildflowers, Eastern Region. Apparently this is only one of two plants in Eastern North America that has blue berries arranged in a globe-like cluster. The other is the Speckled Wood Lily - Clintonia umbellulata.

Carrion Flower is supposed to be attractive to wildlife. I have never actually seen a live plant. It is virtually impossible to find a nursery that sells Carrion Flower.

Is anyone else even aware of the existence of this unique species ?

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lycopus(z5 NY)

I know it as S. lasioneura and have a pressed specimen somewhere. Don't think it is very rare.

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lukifell(zone5 NH)

Thanks Lycopus. Carrion Flower is on my list of Native New Hampshire Plants That I have Never Seen But want to Grow.

Also on this list:

2. Great Solomon's Seal polygonatum commutatum This plant can grow 7' tall.

3. American Spikenard aralia racemosa A large woodland perennial 6' tall with showy flowers and big bunches of berries. Indians once dug up and ate the roots.

4. Arrow Arum peltandra virginica One of the most northern members of the Arum Family. Related to the Taro plant, one of the most important food plants in the world. Can grow in shallow water and does not need full sun. I like the tropical appearance of this plant.

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lukifell(zone5 NH)

I finally found the elusive carrion flower. It is instantly recognizable due to its large clusters of blue fruits. Each fruit contains 4 seeds. I will plant a bunch of seeds this spring. Prepare for smilax invasion !

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