Amelanchier Laevis or Autumn Brilliance thoughts?

lolagardnerFebruary 28, 2011

Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I've decided on serviceberry as a specimen tree for my small brooklyn back yard. I'm looking for something that is going to max out around 15-20'. I have slightly acidic clay loam and part sun. My garden center has a beautifully shaped laevis which my landlord prefers and some nice autumn brilliance. They may possibly be getting a Diana as well. I want to plant the tree before I seed the lawn so I will not see it in leaf or flower. Anyone have a recommendation either way? Its so difficult finding info on size and habit of the amelanchier. Some sites list laevis as 40' and some list it as 15'. Any in ground experience would be helpful. If one is more abundant in fruit than the other that would be a plus. I only have room for one. I think autumn brilliance is self pollinating but I'm not sure about the laevis. In other words.. help!

Many thanks!

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rhauser44(z6 MI)

I don't think I've seen a Amelanchier Laevis at 40'. I have both Amelanchier Laevis and Autumn Brilliance, and each are at about 8' at 5 years old.
Last year both heavily fruited, but I've read they go in cycles. Heavy one year, light the next. I'll have to watch this spring for what volume of berries are produced.I love Serviceberrys in general, an plan to plant more.

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Thank you rhauser44!! I've been searching for a while for someone who has in ground experience. I found quite a lot of back and forth on new plantings but not much after a few years. Do you prefer the flavor of one over the other? Also which casts the least shade. I have a shade garden at lower levels but the less shade the better so it would be helpful to know if one has more dappled light getting through than the other... or perhaps if one casts a smaller area of shade. Lastly, this will be in a prominent area. Is one more ornamental than the other in flower, leaf, form, or foliage? Many thanks!!!!

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