Rental next door front lawn all dead weeds

ginjjApril 3, 2013

The owner of the house next door does not care what the front or backyard look like. The renters don't either. I do, especially when it is covered with dandelions and other weeds that go to seed.

The owner will not install a sprinkler system and the renters won't hand water.

I think the best answer is to kill the existing weeds, put down a fabric weed barrier and then cover with several inches of free wood chips.

It was suggested by a gardener friend of mine to skip the fabric and just put down chips but I know the weeds will be up faster without the fabric. I'm looking for a fix that will last a couple of years and then repeat the process again.

What do you think?


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Doing so on another's property is trespassing -- it's illegal.

Could do it if have permission.

But do you really want to be tied to maintaining someone else's property? Once you begin you won't be allowed to stop.

Likely that municipal ordinances could take care of the tissue.

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This would be done with the owner's permission of course.

Actually last summer I arranged to have it mowed and I paid the gardener( with the renters $$) since the renters don't speak English. All this with the owner's blessings. Should have mentioned that.

My hope is that with several inches of wood chips and perhaps fabric barrier, the weeds will be somewhat suppressed for several years. The alternative to doing nothing is you won't be able to see the front door by the end of summer due to the weeds and the weed seeds will be all over my garden.

Fabric cloth or not, that is the question.


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

I'd avoid the landscape fabric. It "stops" weeds but only temporarily. Then they'll seed into the mulch, their roots grow through the stuff and into the underlying soil. You will curse the stuff.

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"Weeds" will, eventually, grow in any material used for mulch whether landscape fabric is used or not. All that landscape fabric allows you to do is use less cover material, mulch, to during one year eliminate that "weed" problem. Before doing anything you will need permission form the property owner and maybe from your local governmental unit, especially if you will be covering the whole yard.
Some local governmental units have ordinances to require property owners to keep "noxious weeds" under control or that unit will do it for them and add that cost to their property taxes.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I feel your pain. No fun living next to irresponsible neighbors. Took me a nasty home owner's association to appreciate the joy of being able to do my own thing without Mrs. Busybody peering over my every move!

Now, at our new property, we are in county, so weeds abound! JD doesn't really want to mow, so a putting green will go where the lawn once was, and dwarf citrus for a border there.

Yes, we have weeds on a rocky hillside made of huge boulders and decomposing granite. But Fig trees love that stuff!! We have, and will continue to tuck orchard trees between boulders and weeds.

When we drive into town, it amazes me all the houses with weedy lawns, dead landscaping, junk chairs in front, and nobody ever parks their cars in their garages! Seems like they all have at least 5 vehicles, of which 3 are broken trucks, and they all proudly park them on these dead lawns.

I'm very happy living in county property, but I would hate living next to these irresponsible people who just don't care. Their lack of "caring" hurts your property value!

Good luck to you! People here at GW really hate landscape fabric, but living under the HOA rules for 10+ years, we had it under river rock. Now and then a weed peeped through, but a weekly trek through with Round up keeps everything looking amazing!

I wish you all the best, and hope this has a happy ending!


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

We're not against it for all uses, but using it under a layer of organic mulch just doesn't work. As was said, seeds land on the mulch, take root and grow through the fabric into the ground. Suzi 's comment about the weekly trek with RoundUp sort of indicates how the fabric fails to perform. And then someone else is left with the aggravation of dealing with the useless fabric. It truly is a PITA of a high order.

Kill the weeds, then apply the mulch.

I really appreciate your frustation.

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