How to remove Wild Violet weeds from Lawn?

timjcApril 13, 2007

I've been battling wild violets in my lawn for a couple of years using various products with no success (speedzone, trimec). Any suggestions for this weed that spreads rather quickly?

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Not sure other than digging them up in early spring. I let mine grow (along with the dandelions), they look so pretty together.

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There is nothing you can buy that will even begin to make a dent in the population of wild Violet except making the soil your turf, and the Violets, grow in less conducive to their growth. Have a soil test done by your states USDA Cooperative Extension Service (if I had some idea where you were I could supply a link) and adjust the soil as needed to discourage them. Violets seem to grow more readily in soils with a pH lower than is optimal for most grasses.

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Thanks for the comments. Sounds like I should continue to lime and maybe the violets will disappear over time.

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