Which sunflowers are most attractive to birds?

irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)February 1, 2006

I'm trying to make my yard very attractive to the birds and want to grow sunflowers this year. I've heard that Velvet Queen is very attractive to birds and will be ordering those seeds.

I know the seeds with the black oil are very attractive to birds, but what are the names of the sunflowers that have seeds with black oil? And who is a good seed source for sunflowers?



Rita, are you still on this forum?

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I'm not sure which sunflower is most attractive to birds, but I prefer to grow the varieties with smaller seed heads. They are less likely to flop over, and they tend to look better, and last longer.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Ericwi - thank you responding. I think I may try a few different types.


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Maureen, do you have bird feeders in your yard? I usually just transplant the sunflower seedlings that sprout under my bird feeders - that way I know they're varieties that the birds will enjoy. The goldfinches love 'em.

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I didn't have much luck with birds eating my sunflowers this year, but the goldfinches loved the cosmos that I planted. I'm trying several different sunflowers this year along with a lot more cosmos.


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glassmouse(z5-Cent IL)

I have a related question: Do all sunflowers have seeds that are attractive to/good food for birds? Or just the ones that say "great for seed production!" or "great for eating!" on the seed packet?

And what about the fluffy, teddy-bear type sunflowers, that don't have a big central seedhead? Are they still bird-friendly?

I'd like to try some different types of sunflowers this year, but I'm trying only to add only things that will have some direct benefit for birds/wildlife.

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I plant like 6 different kinds in my kitchen garden.The yellow finches eat seed right out of the flower

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chrsvic(z6 OH)

I've always liked a variety called Autumn Beauty, Mixed Colors. They grow 5 or 6 feet tall, are attractive, and the birds go for the seeds. Plant some zinnias too, they are easy to grow and attractive to seed eating birds.

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I feed my birds Black Oil Sunflower...They love them.

Not sure if you can find a package of seeds for them though.

I always get sprouts around the bottom of my feeders. But my Husband pulls them out, so I have never had a chance to see what the flower looks like. He pulls them out because he is afraid that the flowers will give our neighbors cats a place to hide and wait for an unsuspecting bird..

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