Spring early?

maifleur01February 3, 2010

For what ever it is worth several of the birds are already singing their mating songs. According to a calender that I have chickadees are supposed to start this week. They are also supposed to be the first bird to sing. However my cardinals and some of the crew have been singing since the second week of January.

I am tired of cold and winter. Hurry up spring but let it be a long one since I do not deal well with 90-100+ with humidity over 80%.

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Yesterday, I saw male wild turkey strutting around with his wings out to impress a lady turkey nearby. Does your calendar have turkeys on it?
We still have a little bit of snow on the ground here that we got over the weekend. We're getting some sleet now. It doesn't feel like spring is on the way but I hope so.

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March 14 for wild turkeys. The calendar I use is the one put out by the Missouri Conservation Department. It is a great use of our taxes.

Other than the birds doing their mating songs it feels like we may have the traditional 2 weeks of spring this year. Winter, then slightly warmer for 2 weeks, the hot hot summer.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

The Cardinals here in west Mi are changing their tune too. We are to get another 10 to 12 inches this week UUUUGGGG. But spring IS on the way!

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terryr(z5a IL)

We got dumped on about 8" yesterday and thru the night. Today is supposed be possibly another 5". It just keeps snowing and snowing.....

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I saw at the BBC site that in many parts of the world the seasons since 1976 have advanced 3.9 days per decade. Soon, many years from now, summer will be the season that it is the coldest.

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