invasives from hell

ireneoApril 8, 2008

the fence at the back of our small yard is covered in invasives... deeply with porcelainberry, also a rosa multiflora and a tree of heaven. there is also something that appears later in the summer that looks like mile a minute or hedge bindweed.

last spring we cleaned the entire fence of growing vines (and im talking at least 5 years worth, probably a lot lot more) and swept the earth on our side of the property for all the viney roots.

we were good for a little while but eventually the weeds just took over again, namely from the other side of the fence that has a private social club's lawn on it.

i hate to use herbicides, especially since we live so near the coast, but i don't know what to do. help?

thanks :)


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A stirrup hoe can be used in areas where the plants like vegetables are grown in a line. It has a hoop in the shape of a square or circle. The hoe cuts the seedlings and can also uproot them. This helps in ensuring that the weeds do not emerge again. But in places where the weeds are growing quite close to the main plants, you need to remove them by hand as there is a chance of damage by the hoe.

Mulch is also effective in reducing weed growth. It works by preventing the sunlight from reaching the soil thus inhibiting any growth of weeds. Clippings of grass, branches, hay and other degradable substances like leaves and barks can be used.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Weed Control

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