wild carrot

finchelover(5b-6)April 27, 2008

This year I hve a lot of wild carrot. How do I get rid of it and is it like dandelion long root and if laid on surface will reroot. Will vinegar kill it. Thanks

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Queen Annes Lace, aka wild carrot since it is a member of the same family as the carrot, is a biennual that starts from seed one year and grows up to blossom and produce seeds the next. The single best means of control, if this is necessary, is mowing. However, this "weed" is the host plant for many insects providing them a food source when the prey they might prefer are not around, so eliminating the plants may well send those beneficial insects away and allow the pests to build up to uncontrolable numbers.

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You mean to say that QAL is good to have in your garden? That's a new one to me... after spending many years trying (unsuccessfully) to eradicate it. Well, now I feel much better! Thanks!

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