First birds to new development? (Central PA)

rokoku(z6b PA)March 12, 2006

I'd like to make a bird nesting box for a friend who lives in a new development next to a cornfield. I'd like early success and am wondering what type of birds are likely to move into the area first. Any suggestions?

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I live s. central Pa I Have robins,bluebirds,sparrows,cardinals,snowbirds,catbirds already

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The first suggestion is to make the hole 1 1/2'. That way starlings cannot get in. Place the box in an open area away from trees and vines. Do not paint the box. Several cavity nesters are seeking out boxes such as bluebirds, titmice, tree swallows, chicadees. These are all highly desirable species, whether or not they will be found in a new development I cannot say. Above all else, be sure your friend educates him/herself about monitoring boxes. Each species has unique nesting materials. Unkept, trashy nests with debris filled to the top will probably be house sparrows which should be avoided at all costs. Once HOSP have invaded you will not get anything else. If your friend cannot monitor the box properly I would get him/her something else. Check out bluebird forum.

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