Help! Doves all Day

karenlynnMarch 27, 2012

Can anyone recommend a feeder that will not attract doves? I have been using a small platform feeder for cardinals & would love to see bluejays too. (only saw one bluejay in couple years, just a few weeks ago.) I have a few visits from cardinals everyday but the doves are there all day on feeder and ground keeping others away. Also those big blackbirds but mostly doves. I also have a thistle feeder which I love but the doves are always on the ground under it. Do the seed trays that attach under the feeders to catch seed work or are the doves able to land on them? Thanks for any help,


Western Ky.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Hi Karen - From what I was told, doves are ground feeders and can't land on perch type feeders (guess it's a balancing So I'm guessing it's the platform.

Personally, I love my doves but I guess it's because they ARE on the ground, mostly by themselves (with the exception of the pesky blackbirds). I'm surprised they keep the other birds away...I didn't know they could be that But maybe when they are feeding up on the feeder, they behave differently. Are you sure it's not the blackbirds being the bullies? I know they are around my feeder.

I don't know anything about feeders to suggest a better kind.

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I have doves too and they clean up the seed on the ground as well. My cardinals and blue birds don't seem to mind having them around.

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Try switching to a hanging feeder with narrow landing space, instead of the platform feeder. The doves in my yard prefer large stable landing spaces that don't swing too much, so I seldom see them on my hanging feeders. The smaller birds don't seem to mind them on the ground below.

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