What animals eat pure suet, but not seeds?

paulsiu(5a)March 16, 2010

I place some leftover pure suet on my ground feeder, but none of the birds ate it. The next day it was gone but none of the seeds were eaten. I was wondering what sort of animal eat suet but not bird seeds. It's probably not the rabbit.

It could be neighbor's dog. They don't seemed to walk their dog, but just let them go out to the woods. I notice he drops by yard fairly often. He may have chomp it down on a early morning or late morning walk.


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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Hi Paul.

I bet our dogs would eat it if they had the chance-LOL! They also eat the birdseed I sprinkle on the ground for the doves and cardinals. Stupid varmints.

If you hang the suet, woodpeckers and flickers will love you! I always use the plain suet so the squirrels don't bother it.

BTW, I love hearing about all the critters you get in your yard!


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I am thinking that it's the opossum. I see it coming to the platform feeder at night. May be eating a block of suet gave it indigestion and left the rest of the seed alone.

Recently, the suet block I hung is depleting slower than before. I suspect it's because woodpecker now find enough food on their own.


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Paul, I have a woodpecker that still likes to hang upside down on my cheapy plastic octagonal feeder daily, eating Kaytee Nuts & Fruit and seeds. SE Michigan.

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