eco-weeder punto - burn those dandelions

lingonApril 30, 2010

Has anyone tried the ECO-WEEDER Punto or any similar method? It's a spike that heats up and supposedly burns out the taproots of dandelions. It costs $250.

I'm concerned that it doesn't go deep enough - I can easily get the first 2 inches of root, the issue is the 8 inches.

(I know I should just be happy with dandelions, but I feel too much neighbor pressure)

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

I'd spend my money on something else. All you have to do is remove the crown of the dandelion, which is just at and slightly below the surface.

I will frequently remove them with my pocket knife, just slicing them off about 1/2 to 1 inch below the surface and they don't regrow. A garden hoe also works well since you don't have to get very deep, just below the surface. The rest of the root will die and rot.

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Using a flame, produced by some kind of gas, for "weed" control is not a good use of a non renewable resource. Using anything to kill "weeds" without correcting the soil conditions that allow those "weeds" to grow is simply treating the symptoms of a problem, the soil, rather than fixing the problem.

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