need a weed ID.. north texas!

x3roApril 12, 2008

Hi guys,

Glad I found this forum :) I need help with identifying and eliminating this problematic weed..

I've had people say (on the lawn forum) that it looks like field bindweed, but from my research, I'm not sure it is. The flowers you see in the pics are 2-3" in diameter.

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To me, it kind of looks like Mexican Evening Primrose. Do a search for that and see if you think it is. Although, it is pretty, it is very invasive here in So. Cal.


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You're right! Looked up what you called it, and sure enough:

That's it! The pics look exactly like what's in my yard. This stuff grows non-stop. I guess I'll keep pulling it up! Thanks for your help.

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