Raccoon baffles

skinnyhoops(9B Altamonte Springs, FL)March 5, 2010

Hello! I'm a regular on the Florida Gardening forum, but wanted to ask a question thats related to raccoons. I have a wooden bird feeder attached to a 4x4 post, using only black oil sunflower seed. The squirrels regularly visit the feeder which I don't mind. But lately I have a raccoon tearing up the feeder and eating up the seed fast. Every morning for about a week, I noticed the top of the feeder was open and alot of the seed was gone. Then one morning the plexiglass sides were completely broken off and the seed was all over the ground. LOL I think the raccoons were pulling on the plexiglass because I had modified the top of the feeder so it doesn't open easy.

I replaced the broken plexiglass with this material they use on NASCAR windows, which is unbreakable. I also rigged the top of the feeder so it doesn't open without unlocking it first with two hooks. With those modifications done, the raccoons still manages to scoop out alot seed with their hands from the trays. I'm looking to get a 4x4 baffle for the post so the raccoon can't climb up. My question is, do these 4x4 baffles really work? They are pretty expensive, so I wanted to see what other users think before I purchase. Many thanks!!

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Skinny, go to www.sialis.org it is mostly a cavity nesting birds website but has plans on how to make racoon baffles. Very cheap and very easy! Good Luck!

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lynn_d(Z5 PA)

I had so much trouble with them! And much the same set up, a 4x4...so we use a galvanized trash can as our baffle! Works great!

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skinnyhoops(9B Altamonte Springs, FL)

Thats a great idea. I have some large trash-can lids I can probably use. thanks for the tip!

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