Very different looking tomato plants?

philothea(8)June 15, 2012

I bought some tomato plants in 6-packs, and they were all supposed to be determinate plants.

However, they look very different! Most a regrowing straight up, with rather delicate branches and leaves, but 3 have very thick wandering stems going every which way. These plants look [i]tough, [/i]and their stems are [i]very [/i]crooked, seeming to go down more than up.

I am just surprised since they were all supposed to be the same kind that there was such a difference, and I was wondering if maybe a mistake was made and there were two kinds, and if so, would it be fair to say that the tough ones were indeterminitates?

The one thing is that the crooked ones, the branches in between the branches and the stems, which would be suckers if they were indeterminates, are just like branches where they attach, not separate-looking like suckers I have seen before. Suckers seem to have a stuck-on look that these don't have.

Thanks very much for any help :D

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

What variety or varieties are you growing?

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Hmmm, they were marked Celebrity, but now that I think of it, one was not marked, so it may have been a mix-up, altho the numbers don't work out for that.

Thanks :)

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