Suet drawing power

always_beezeeMarch 1, 2010

Hello Everybody.

My house is in the open. I have two maples in the front yard. On one of the maples, I would like to put a suet feeder on it. To the East of the house is an open field with trees about 200 yard from the house. To the North and South is open for about 100 yards then my neighbors houses. The neighbors have a few trees. To the West I have a road then a small open area about 20 yards and a small strip of woods about 75 feet in width and maybe 100 yards long.

If I put that suet feeder in the maple tree, do you think that I can draw in some birds from the surrounding area.


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Try to put the feeder under a tall canopy or close to cover. If it is easily seen from the sky it will become a Hawk feeder. They love to swoop in and pic woodpeckers right off the suit. Once they know where the free meal is they will stick around. I learned the hard way. Now mine are under cover.

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Also, don't put it near bushes or other areas where cats can ambush them. I learned the hard way too.

So the best place is on the trunk of a tree that has a good canopy above it, but is pretty open below/around it. My suet feeder is now in such a location and I haven't had another casualty (knock on wood).

It may be my imagination, but I think maybe the birds can tell it's in a safer location too. I seem to get more customers since I moved it.

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I think it is easier to get a bird to a suet feeder if other birds are already feeding at a seed feeder nearby. Once birds are hitting at the seeds they check our what else may be available. I have several suet feeders, one that holds the suet inside a cage allowing the little bush tits to feast without fear of larger birds, a standard wire suet feeder, and a feeder with a tail board for the wood peckers. I will say that the wood peckers use all the suet feeders,but do use the tail board for balance when available. I have tried many different suet types but think that the peanut butter with insects, (YUM), is the type most consistently favored by a variety of birds. Of course, you then have to deal with squirrels. We have red shafted flickers, and downy wood peckers at the suet feeders. I also have a piliated woodpecker that visits my yard in the late winter, but doesn't go near the feeders.

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