over fertilizing tomato plants

veg_grower964June 7, 2009

what are the signs of over fertilizing tomato plants?

I mixed up 3 caps full of mircle grow organic choice 14-0-0

and a cap full of blackstrap molassis in 5 gallons of water 2 times and divided between 6 plants' there 3 feet tall with tomatos on them' now three days later my mortgage lifters leaves have brown burnt spots and yellow on the bottom half of plants. the top part looks ok except the plant has turned a different shade of green. I didnt splash no liquid on plant ;just around the bottom. the rest of my plants look fine.could it be something else like blight or something.



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I put on my reading glasses and got a closer look there is no yellow on leaves just brown burnt looking spots there even on the little green part of the blooms up high'couldn't see that without my glasses on. hope someone can help. i am going to purchase a camara tommorrow.

thanks again


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Sure it could be something else but without a picture it's impossible to know. But the timing would seem to tie it to the over-fertilization.

I'm not familiar with that particular product - "mircle grow organic choice 14-0-0" - but that is an awfully lot of nitrogen for plants that don't need nearly that much N. Especially when it contains nothing else in nutrients. IMO it's use is very questionable.

Did you mix it according to the directions or is 3 capfuls to 5 gallons more than the label calls for? And why the molasses? It isn't usually applied in that fashion.

If it is N burn the damaged leaves will fall off but if you can flush the plants with plain water to remove the excesses or at least dilute it, they may recover. If they do I'd suggest any future feedings be done with a mild and well balanced fertilizer of some kind - something that provides the phosphorus and potassium they need even more than nitrogen - and use diluted (1/2 strength) mix of it.


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kandm(8b coastal alabama)

I agree with Dave, tomatoes do not need a lot of nitrogen because all it does is cause pretty green leaves. I would find a product with a low amount of nitrogen and higher amounts of phosphorus and potassium. Also add epsom salt to each plant, about 1 tablespoon for every foot of height.

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thanks for the advice.
the plant looks very much alive its just those brown spots on the leaves. ive learned my lesson with expermenting with to much fert ect. hope to have a camara soon.



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Question about epsom salts. What does that do for tomato plants.

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