What is this weed in my Bluegrass

mrh335April 25, 2010

I have tried many home center weed killing products to try and kill a weed I have in my lawn, but none truly work. A couple of years ago I mixed a concoction of Weed be gone, Crabgrass killer, and a third by doubling each of the amounts. This killed the weed after 2 applications and also killed much of the grass around it. I still have areas of this grass in existence and my neighbors are filled with it and I am always fighting it back. I have some patches, some areas where it is sparse now, and other areas where it is nicely spread everywhere. I have a picture so I can get help to identify so I can find the correct way to kill it. It is lighter green than my Kentucky Bluegrass. It grows taller and has a wider blade. It has a good root systems and branches off.

I think this may be Bermuda Grass, but not just sure yet as my area doesn't seem to be susceptible to that based on a recent map I saw.

Image link:

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I can't identify the grass but any herbicide that will kill this grass is considered to be a grass killer and therefore will kill any grass around it. It is not crabgrass so you can remove that from your mix. I have not looked at Weed be Gon for a while but it used to be marketed for broad leaf weeds which does not include grasses. I looked and it still is for broad leaf plants. They do have a mixture with the crabgrass killer but since most crabgrass does not germinate until it is warm a liquid application of crabgrass killer is worthless at this time of year. Use a pre-emergent now rather than the liquid for crabgrass.

Please be very cautious when mixing chemicals as some will react with each other forming either airborne particles or can explode in a closed container. The mixtures can last longer than the initial chemicals. It also helps to read the chemicals on the label and do not waste your money mixing the same chemicals together at the same concentrations believing that because the product names are different the products are different.

Sorry to preach but since the labels were not read before usage perhaps this year you will read the labels and actually save yourself money and time.

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

One thing for certain -- it's not Bermudagrass.

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

It bears a very strong resemblance to quackgrass. Virtually anything you apply to kill it will also kill blue grass.

Quackgrass is a perennial and spread by seeds and underground runners, so it can be very hard to get control of and take time, and the runners can spread very quickly. Pulling it out doesn't do a lot of good unless you can get ALL of the roots.

However, there are some grass herbicides that will work on quackgrass with repeated treatments which won't kill some kinds of lawn grass, particularly some of the fescues which are often part of lawn mixes. Grass B Gone is one of them. In the end, you may just have to either learn to live with it or take the area out with glyphosate, then replant with lawn grass when all the quackgrass roots are dead.

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Mixing various commercially available "weed" killers is a violation of federal law because those are formulated to be used only as directed on the label. Mixing several thing can result in a product that is less effective or creates larger problems.
Spraying any kind of "weed" killer is not a good solutuion to the problem anyway since it is merely a cosmetic approach and the real problem, your soil, is left as it was. Fix the real problem, your soil, first and more than likely when a good healthy turf grows in that will crowd out the "weeds" and you will not need to spend money on poisons.

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