I have been weeding everyday of the month

mastergardenator(7)April 26, 2010

and frankly i am getting sick of it

weeding our yard is much like painting the golden gate bridge

when you finally get to the end it needs it at the start

our yard is roughly 1/3 of an acre

what is the best/cheapest way to keep it weed free?

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what weeds i have are

London rocket
and a few others

we do not have a lawn its all rock so killing the grass is not a problem

we do have a few trees and bushes though

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Cheapest way is on your hands and knees or add additional plants that butterflies like and call it quits on removing all the weeds. Crabgrass is best handled by a pre-emergent which may be too late in Arizona. The others listed are broad leaf so would need another type of weed killer.

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