Good source for INEXPENSIVE wild bird seed?

ilovegardening(10a San Gabriel Valley of L.A.)March 17, 2012

I can find great prices at various stores in my area on high quality black oil sunflower seeds, songbird mixes, and so on. But with my health issues it's difficult to always get out and keep enough on hand. I don't like asking relatives/friends to do it for me, so I was hoping to order online. I buy from Amazon all the time, and with its Prime membership, I usually find great deals on things. But not, apparently, bird seed! I'm stunned at their prices, and the products that have lower prices, but are ineligible for Prime, become ridiculously expensive when you add shipping.

I've looked at and and a few other places, but have yet to find anything that compares--both in quality AND price--to what I KNOW I can find if I just go into a local store, even the Ralphs supermarket near my house.

Anyone know of a good, trustworthy source for wild bird seeds online? My criteria: I need black oil sunflower seeds, a songbird mix, and they must be both high quality and low cost, including shipping. I'd prefer 20+ pound bags, but am flexible on that. Does such a place exist?!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It sounds like you should simply bite the bullet and ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to pick you up some seed the next time they go to the store. Don't be hesitant to ask for a favor....they are so easily returned in kind.

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I buy a 40# bag from Costco for $19.00, it is Audubon Wild Bird Seed, has a pretty good mix of 2 kinds of sunflower seeds, peanut pieces, millet, safflower and a couple others.
It is .50cents a pound and good quality.

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