Help on buying or making a cheap effective mister

tillynillyMarch 7, 2006

I really want to get a mister for my hummingbird garden but I don't want to pay more than 20 dollars on it. Do any of you know where to buy or how to make a cheap, EFFECTIVE, mister that my hummingbirds will love! If you could just tell me that would be swell...thanks a million you guys are really a big help!

with love Tilly

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I have heard of people using a milk jug with holes in it. It is filled up in the morning and drips over a bird bath all day. That is more of a dripper than a mister though.

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ellen_s(z5 centralMA)

I saw something on "Backyard Habitat" the other day where they just hooked a garden hose spray nozzle up to a plastic trellis which was growing vines. They switched the nozzle to the "Mist" option and hooked the handle over a rung of the trellis (hidden by the plants) and just let it do its thing. Apparently the hummers loved it.

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