Do kangaroos eat strawberry plants(the leaves)

auzzieblokeMarch 29, 2012

Do you know if kangaroos eat strawberry plants(the leaves).

I've grown strawberries in styro boxes for many years and have always had Eastern Grey roos in my garden and they have never touched a strawbwrry plant. I've moved to a new address and in one night all my plants were stripped bare.

I have Eastern roos here as well and Inoticed them wandering about in the boxes the day before.

thanks for your help

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Most people in this forum are in North America. I don't think Gardenweb Australia has a Wildlife Forum but someone in their Cornucopia Forum might be able to help you.
Sorry about your strawberries. How disappointing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Australia Cornucopia Forum

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G'day christie_sw_mo Thanks for your reply.
I inadvertently stuck my message in the wrong forum.
Thanks for pointing this out. I was wondering why I hadn't got any replies.

eeerz cheeerz to your earz from Auzziebloke

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm one of your biggest fans, auzziebloke. I hope that you've been able to make lots of new bird pals in your new 'digs'.

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G'day rhizo. I definitely aint used to people being my 'fans',.,but mega fanx for elevating me to stratospheric stardom. All of a sudden me hat doesn't fit on me noggin !
Seriously though. I'ts been hard dealing with leaving so many wildlife friends behind. They were all very special and a big part of how I dealt with my very poor health and chronic pain.
Many of the birds and possums were friendships that evolved over several years.
But I'm a tuff old geezer with a streak of stubborness coupled with a luv of silly sods inside me somewhere. That's what keeps me going. So I log on and look at what everyone else sees in my wildlife visiting videos.
Which is a crazy old possum kissing bloke with a luv for the friendliest locals who live in the area.
And I realize there are millions of people with heaps of similar stuff going on in their patch,.,triffik!

Anyhow rhizo,I'm starting to waffle,.,gotta go, or I'll well up and flood the keyboard.
Strawberry fields forever; There's a smidgen of Ringo daftnessin me if ya get me drift.

PS,.,The Roo (in the avatar photo). Is it in your care or just a random picked photo? I'm hoping it's now healthy if it was an injured animal.

eeeerz cheeerz to your earz from Auzziebloke

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