Relentless Weed ID

joshfromseattle(8)May 22, 2012

The pictured weed continues to pop up relentlessy over a 10 foot area. I dug down this spring and they were all connected to a pretty thick (thicker than my thumb), orange, woody root growing horizontally about 18 inches down in the clay.

It seems like I may have to dig all of the dirt up to get every last inch of this pest. Any ideas what it is and a good way of getting rid of it once and for all?

Image link:

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The dreaded Japanese knotweed. Digging it up might break the roots into pieces and make matters worse. To me, it seems the easiest way to destroy it is to manually remove all shoots until August, let it grow until it blooms, shoot it then with Roundup and apply Roundup to any new growth the next year. If your 10 foot patch is in the middle of a cleared area you could build a large, long burning bonfire over it to kill it immediately, but that's not practical in most cases. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese Knotweed-how do I get rid of it

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Ugh! Thanks for the ID. It's in the only growing area I have in my townhouse patio. I just keep plucking the shoots as soon as they sprout up. Sounds like some roundup in the fall is going to have to be the way I go.


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I have these tiny weeds in my back garden that are so small it would take forever putting them by hand. They are starting to look like a carpet/ground cover. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them? Thanks~

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