cottontails making them comfortable

lannegreenelagMarch 27, 2006

Hi there. We have lots of area bunnies but two outdoor cats just moved into the neighborhood. These neighbors don't take care of their dogs (fenced) so I know they won't keep the cats in. Fall and winter the cats tried to get adult rabbits, but now babies are available and easy prey. I can't blame the cats, they are cats, but I want to help the bunnies. What can I do in my yard to encourage and protect them? What shrubs do you recommend - placement?

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motion sensitive sprinkler systems, or collars with bells!

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FurryCritterFan(5a WI)

and bells on cats won't keep the youngest ones safe, either. Cats hunt and stalk (and catch w/teeth, kill eventually with the toxic saliva that is lethal to infants and juveys) ... things (innocent critters in this case) that move.

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