3. Landscape help. Backyard

chriswanderer90(7)March 5, 2013


Last one lol.
20mi NW of Philly (zone 7?)

My house has its own private sewage and gas tank, as you can see the green lids on the ground.

Instead of having grass there, I was thinking about paving rocks around it, with native plants around it. But it'd have to be wide enough for the workers to come every several months to remove sewage..

Anyone have more creative ideas?

Chris Chung

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My dear friend has this exact set-up. When I landscaped around it to camouflage it, I cut a bed around all the caps.I did smallish evergreens (topiary, spiral arbs & standards) on the ends & grasses & perennials between the caps in the middle. The point was to have some "hindsight", if it ever had to be dug up, the perennials & grasses are easily removed or replaced. Then on top of the caps, I put a wishing well & a couple wooden chairs with the seats planted. it totally takes your eye away from an eyesore. For the most part you don't even know what's there. hope this helps.
I just went back & looked at your pic. yours looks to be situated pretty close to the patio.What you could do is incorporate it with the existing bed on the right & throw a bench in there to have another small seating area. That's a nice setting, BTW.

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Dee67: Thank you. I think it would be nice to extend the garden bed towards it, and include a path.

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You got it! I see a complete wildlife walk through garden in your future.

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