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terryr(z5a IL)March 7, 2006

It's gotten so quiet around here lately. Can we do a roll call of sorts? I haven't seen some people post in quite some time and I'm wondering who's still here and who's left. It's very tempting to leave, it just isn't the same anymore. I did sign up at a few different places, but it seems nobody really gardens for the wildlife or gets into natives. And there aren't that many people at the different sites...the new ones that have come up since the takeover.

So who's still here? Anybody that has recently signed up is more than welcome to introduce themselves here. Don't want anyone to feel unwelcome :o)

Thanks guys,


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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

Roger that, wilco.

Dirtgirl here......I have noticed the trend myself, Terry.
I know that my own postings have been sporadic at best due to several complications here at home-family matters, computers up and down, etc.
I think and hope that the situation will change somewhat once spring really kicks in.

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I don't post here too often but I read most of the new posts. I've noticed the drop off in activity, too, and wondered if it was just winter doldrums or what.

I don't garden specifically for wildlife but try to make choices that attract pollinators especially. For several years my vegetable garden suffered from lack of pollination until I realized that the previous gardener had used pesticides that had decimated the population. Now I'm almost organic in pest efforts and I see lots more bees around. And I'm studying natives for wise choices for my yard and gardens. I've learned a lot here and enjoy all the comments from experienced and newbie gardeners alike.

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I'm still here, but have to post sporadically depending on my own work load at home. I also have noticed for more than a year that people have stopped posting. I noticed it before iVillage took over.

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jan2(z5 Illinois)

I don't read the posts that often and hardly ever post but sure do like the forum. I don't specifically garden for wildlife but we have alot of it around here and I try to work with them, deer included.


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loris(Z6 NJ)

I'm still here, but due to the drop off in activity, don't check in as often as I used to. I think activity has creeped up from its lowest point--still pretty slow though.

For some topics, GW seems to be at or close to the old levels, and for some others there are alternative sites they have really flourished.

I'm just not finding that to be the case for wildlife gardening or native plants. Some of the startups that were formed in response to I-Village are good sites and over time may prove to be good substitutes, but there just isn't that much traffic in these topics on them yet. I am on one of the for pay forums too. Even all of these and GW combined just aren't matching the old GW for me.


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Lori: Where are these sites?


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loris(Z6 NJ)


I'm pretty sure it's againt the TOS to post that here. I tried to email you, but I suspect that due to various IVillage problems, you've disable that feature on your profile. If you send me an email through GW I can let you know about some sites that I know about.


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I just found this site this winter and I've really enjoyed reading the posts in several different forums. My winter months are spent dreaming about what I can do in the garden next year and I've been finding lots of great ideas. I have always really enjoyed the birds and have become convinced that I need to plant many more natives. I just chopped down a small Norway Maple in our backyard yesterday--am thinking about a serviceberry in its place. I don't think I will ever be militant about planting natives only, but this site has certainly opened my eyes to many issues I was unaware of. I threw my bag of lawn "weed n' feed" in the garbage yesterday too. :) Kind of hurt, since the stuff isn't cheap, but I want to make better choices than I have in the past. Think I'll just get rid of the lawn entirely, instead ;D
Keep posting everybody--I've really really enjoyed and benefited from reading many of these posts!

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